Personal Post – Snap shot, Michael aged 7

Recently I had “a moment”, one of those “what if…” moments … not a happy one. I know I am not the only mother who has these moments (the ones the make you feel that someone is squeezing your heart so tightly) it left me upset … but it also got me thinking. Thinking about preserving memories, little memories that would get lost and forgotten perhaps if someone was no longer around or just with the passing of time and us all getting older.

This “moment” led to a little personal project, taking a snap shot of life in our house, my family and what is important to each of us right now.

This is a snap shot of Michael’s life (mostly his bedroom, apart from the photo of him wearing his current fave t-shirt), taken September 2010.

He is obsessed with Star Wars ever since his daddy found some Star Wars men in the attic a few years ago (they belonged to Michael’s uncle John). Football is another big thing in his life (although how much longer he will be a liverpool fan I don’t know). He still has the blanket (teddy holds it) he cuddled when he was a baby (a few holes appearing in it but still in good condition, not ready to give it up just yet!) and of course the house is full of Lego, Sponge Bob the latest addition. Funny, and a little rude, stories always go down well, Mario is popular of course, and he isn’t a bad little hurler either.

Children especially, have so many different “phases”/stages in their lives, right now for them what is so important may not interest them in a year’s time but right now it is everything. We should remember these important things and look back at them in years to come with a smile. Next year we will see what his snap shot is and how much it has changed!


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