Personal Post – a project for february

So I have decided to do a small personal project to try get my creative juices flowing again! (this was meant to start on the first, better late than never!)

My rules are …
Post photo a day for the rest of the month, camera on manual setting, using my 50mm 1.4 lens, simple!

However a small bit of bending of rules will take place :
… i will try post a photo a day on flickr, however it may be more than 1 if I can’t make up my mind :-),
… it will be Monday to Friday (we travel a lot on weekends so don’t want to edit/upload then),
… some days i may shot more than 1 subject, and use one of these as the next day post (yeah i know really cheating here but hey!)

The daily photos will appear on my flickr but I will blog a weekly look back.

They are not going to be the most exciting, or interesting photos for that matter and will probably involve the kids a lot, but need to do more clicking and also some more texture PP.

So here are todays photos:


4 thoughts on “Personal Post – a project for february

  1. Ashley

    Great idea, Christine………. my 365 has definitely got me off my a** and using my camera! It definitely helps with the motivation and inspiration :) Best of luck with it ……… like Lola, I too will be looking forward to the shots!


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