At Work – Mianra Soaps

When I started thinking about my “at work” project I knew there was definitely someone I wanted to include in it, myself and Hajni had chatted (online) numerous times but because she is based in Cork I wasn’t sure when I could manage a trip down there to photograph her. Then it all fell into place thanks to a family holiday in Glengarriff and an accommodating husband :-)

I had a lovely time in her workshop and wish I had longer to have chatted some more, but I am sure we will meet up again.

Visit her website to see her wonderful products.


Editorial Photography , Kildare

8 thoughts on “At Work – Mianra Soaps

  1. Hajni

    Thank You so muh Christine for the opportunity and also for managing camera shy me :))) I am sure we will meet again – until than I shall treasure your photography ;)! Keep up the fantastic work! Looking forward to the rest of the series! xHajni


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