Family Lifestyle Session – Family photo shoot swap

This is the lovely Lisa O’Dwyer a photographer I met through Twitter!
We have met a few times for lunch and coffee, as we live close by, enjoying some nice chats.

Both of us have young children and spend our time photographing them, so I thought it would be a nice idea to do a family photo shoot swap.
Lisa felt the same so we made a plan to meet up at  Emo Court & Gardens in Emo, Co Laois to do our family photos, the weather stayed fine and we had a lovely afternoon.

Lisa took some really wonderful photos of me and my family first (you can see them here) while her boys relaxed and had some lunch.
Then I took some photos of Lisa and her family.

(Click on these for a better view)The boys are so cute playing with the wheat , but it wasn’t long before he wanted his mammy again :)

Lisa had her Therm-A-Jug with her for a nice cup of tea in her very cool robot mugs! and the boys enjoyed some huge lollipops they brought home from their trip to the US.

This little fella adores his mammy, so much kisses & cuddles between them I couldn’t keep up!

Smile for the camera!!!

Family Photos

6 thoughts on “Family Lifestyle Session – Family photo shoot swap

  1. Lisa O'Dwyer

    really cute pictures of us! we are so happy with them christine and can’t wait to frame them. we don’t have nice wedding photos so i’m so happy to have some of us as a couple. you are fantastic! thank you so much!!!!


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