Anne Maher, School of Ballet

Its been hard to keep up with everything these days because of school holidays and I am afraid my blog updates have suffered.
So I decided to blog some pretty little ballet dancers to try get back into it.
A ballet studio with fabulous natural light, two beautiful performers and some wonderful ballet moves – a perfect combination.

Here are some photos I took recently for Anne Maher, School of Ballet.

I have been very lucky to photograph some talented young dancers this year and adored every minute of it. Hopefully some more opportunities will pop up soon.

2 thoughts on “Anne Maher, School of Ballet

  1. Hajni

    Gorgeous photos as usual ;)! Loooooove the close ups and the ones where the two girls are interacting! Nice white floor to reflect the light!!!!
    Looking forward to more blog posts now that it’s coming to school time soon :)))!!!!


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