Emma Case – Welcome Home workshop


Last year I went searching for a workshop to attend in 2013, I knew the type of workshop I didn’t want to attend but found it hard to describe exactly the type of workshop I was looking for (I’m not good with words!!).
I had come across Emma Case early last year and loved her work, while reading about her workshops I realised that was exactly what I was looking for – if only it were in Ireland. Then it all fell into place when she announced new workshop dates and Dublin was listed !!!! No time was wasted, no need to even think about it I was going 🙂

The day was so inspiring, so emotional and so enjoyable, the minute we walked through the doors we were made feel so welcome by Emma, her husband Pete and the fab Lee & Dawn from Shutterbox Films. It was great to spend the day with such a wonderful group of people, some of whom I knew already and others whom I am now so happy to know.

Our venue was the very nice Fallon & Byrne who provided us with lots of yummy sandwiches. Our models Brian & Kate were just perfect and looked great in front of the camera.

Thanks Emma & Pete for travelling over to Dublin – and thanks for the lovely goodies on the day.


One thought on “Emma Case – Welcome Home workshop

  1. Aisling

    Looks like you had lots of fun Christine. It’s fun to keep learning isn’t it? And to connect with other creative people. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this workshop!


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