Father’s Day, 2017

Each year I get to meet, chat to & photograph lots of great fathers, some new first time Dads & some Dads that are well used to it all !!

Capturing the connection & the love, making some memories for all the family.

I hope all the Dads have a wonderful day celebrating Fathers Day … of course every day is fathers day really.

Family Photographer Kildare fathers_day2017_02 fathers_day2017_03 fathers_day2017_04 fathers_day2017_05 fathers_day2017_06 fathers_day2017_07 fathers_day2017_08 fathers_day2017_09 fathers_day2017_10 fathers_day2017_11 fathers_day2017_12 fathers_day2017_13 fathers_day2017_14 fathers_day2017_15 fathers_day2017_16 fathers_day2017_17 fathers_day2017_18 fathers_day2017_19 fathers_day2017_20 fathers_day2017_21 fathers_day2017_22 fathers_day2017_23 fathers_day2017_24 fathers_day2017_25 fathers_day2017_26

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