Personal Post – Old graveyards, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare

We are very lucky to have two lovely spots to escape to – Boyle, Co. Roscommon and Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare, I have posted about both these places before.

When we visit Ballyvaughan as well as walks on the beaches and climbing mountains the children love to have a run around exploring the old graveyards – so I decided to share a few photos of two of these graveyards.

First up is Bishops Quarters graveyards, enjoy.

Next up is Gleninagh Graveyard – this is just up the road from Colin’s family home and is where the decreased members of the Burns family are laid to rest so is a special place for Colin and his family. It can not be seen from the road and as you walk down the little grassy lane a lovely peaceful little graveyard appears.

3 thoughts on “Personal Post – Old graveyards, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare

  1. Joe

    Hello Christine
    I am enquiring if you are from Ballyvaughan? Love those pictures. We are visiting in the very near future, and were looking for the Great Great Grandfather Thomas Tierney who was from Ballyvaughan OR living relatives. They were from Ballyvaughan. Did you have a listing of graves? My details are attached
    Regards God Bless

    1. Christine Burns

      Hi Joe – My in-laws are from there so we visit often. I don’t have a listing for the graves but some of them have listings on a sign on the way in to the graves. regards Christine

  2. Joe

    Thanks Christine, I rang Father Richard Flanagan and he is looking at helping us. Would be great if we could find where they are buried or/and if they are any living relatives there..


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