Personal Post – Our Italian holiday 2011

This year we went for our first family “sun” holiday to Lake Garda, Italy for 2 weeks. All were very excited, kids looking forward to the pools, the ice cream and food! adults looking forward to seeing Italy again!
I didn’t bring my DSLR for a few reasons so I borrowed my mum’s compact camera and Colin had his iPhone, here are a few photos from our trip (I won’t go on about the rain, storms, hailstones that made up must of the second week!).

Coffee breaks for the children meant ice cream time, Anna likes chocolate, Michael likes vanilla – the ice cream in Italy is so so good!

Michael loves pizza, Anna loves pasta!

Anna spent her time shopping for anything “Hello Kitty”, Michael spent his shopping time looking at football jerseys!

Anna being brave!

A quick walk around Verona – not the children’s favourite pastime, but they were interested to see Juliet’s balcony.

The lake is so lovely and there are lots of little beautiful towns to stroll around, have a coffee and of course ice cream! We had a lovely little mobile home and there were lots of great swimming pools a few minutes walk away. Looking forward to our next trip already 🙂

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