Personal Post – Summer Outings Ahead

I am slowly catching up after our 2 weeks in the sun, which is becoming our annual summer trip to Italy and already want to go again.

This year I brought my film camera with me, 2 rolls of film were posted off to UK film lab and I am so looking forward to getting the scans back. Digital is great but I love the excitement of seeing a photo that you had forgotten you took, you are not constantly scrolling back through the photos on your camera, you slow down, you take the photo and then a few weeks later you get to re-live it all again! I don’t care how perfect they are, these are personal photos, personal memories and that is enough for me. They will be printed out and kept in a little album or photo book – not kept on a PC, iPad or iPhone.

The children are off on holidays so I have less time for my work, July has turned out to be busy but hopefully August I will get to catch up on some personal projects I have been putting off.

Above is a little memory of a lovely walk we did in Ballyvaughan early in June.

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