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Lifestyle Portrait / Editorial Photography, Ireland

A little look back at some very talented people I have photographed over the past few years, photographing them at work in a nice relaxed way.

Providing images for use in promoting your businesses online, via website and/or social media, or in print providing images for magazines or newspapers to go along side an article – great for marketing!

At Work – Kathleen McCormick

Late last year I paid a visit to Kathleen McCormick as part of my At Work Project.
She showed me around her studio, where she grows her willow trees and then I had a little nosey around her house where I discovered that she is very talented in lots of areas.

Such a talented, hard working, interesting lady to spend a morning with !
Thank you Kathleen for your time, your chats, the lovely coffee and cake.

Confirmation Photography, a time of change

Confirmation Day is usually not as big a deal as Communion Day but I think it is a perfect time to get some photos taken.
Your child is leaving behind their primary school days and heading off on a new journey – lots of changes happening in their life and as parents a little hard, especially if it is your first, to see them growing up!