Photography Inspiration, take 3 ladies

January is a time when we reflect on the year past and plan the year ahead.

I started thinking about what/who inspired me during 2014 & before, what photographers I loved seeing a new blog post or Instagram picture from, photographers who were taking photos that I wish I had taken ( yes jealous I guess, but in a nice way! ) and those photographers that I was looking forward to seeing what 2015 would bring their way.

When you follow someones work, really admire what they are achieving it is so good to be able to meet up with them for a chat, you come away feeling inspired.

Those 3 ladies stand out for me, if you are not familiar with them go have a look through their blogs.

Paula O’ Hara
I came across Paula’s work a few years ago, and each year she just nails it, her photography is stunning.

My list of favourites from Paula is huge, it include photos taken during weddings, styled shoots, newborns and of course her personal work which often features her two beautiful children – you can tell it is so important to her to spend quality time with her little ones.

This ballet inspired shoot has got to be up there with my favourite photo shoot from 2014.

The way she can pick just the most perfect words to go along with her photos amazes me, how she finds time to do it all amazes me – she even gets time to walk her dog and capture some gorgeous photos while doing it.

I wish we lived closer for more chats.

Have a look at her work here.

Doreen Kilfeather
Straight away I was smitten by Doreen’s photos, she captured a moment perfectly, her editing was gorgeous, I wanted to be on those family outings/trips as they looked so much fun, I wanted to be one of those kids looking so free & happy, I wanted to have taken those photos!
Her editorial work has really taken off in the last year, I have one of her features hanging on my wall right behind my screen – the hands of the talented ceramic artist Karo, it is on my wall because I know & admire the talent of both the subject and the photographer, but mostly it is hanging there simply because to me it is a perfect photo.  She also shoots the coolest of weddings.

Oh and I am also jealous of her new studio & her house !

We got to meet a few times last year & hopefully will more chats this year.

Have a look at her work here.



Nathalie Marquez Courtney

I don’t know exactly when I first came across Nathalie’s photography but it got my attention straight away.  Following her for a while I then discovered that this young lady had so many other talented sides, at the time she was editor of KISS magazine but these days she is editor of Image Interiors & Living, her photographs & words can be found throughout its pages & numerous other publications.

One seriously talented girl, with a lovely personality to go along with it …  and the fact that she ran away from the circus just makes her even cooler !!

Her blog is full of wonderful personal photographs, editorial & food photo shoots as well as lots of interesting bits from the internet for you to check out.  There are many but this is one of my favourite shoots from Nathalie in 2014.

Have a look at her work here.

Looking forward to seeing what you all get up to this year !

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