What my At Work Sessions are & are not

Lately I have been asked so many times do I offer personal branding photo sessions, I don’t, but I offer another type of session that just might be what they want!

So I decided to write a little post about why I don’t call my sessions “Branding Sessions” and have kept them as “At Work” sessions and “You & Your Business” sessions.

Back in 2013 I wanted to document people At Work, my style of photography is very much working away in the back ground and capturing what I see as opposed to directing them, documentary I guess.  I approached a selection of different artists/crafters/small businesses about this idea and so my At Work sessions were born.

I wasn’t sure how it would go or if anything more would come from it.  Not only did I really enjoy these sessions but the images were so well received by the business owners and also bloggers, newspapers and magazines.  Still today some of these images appear in print or online, the surprise at spotting one of your photos while browsing a magazine or paper is great,  but it also proves the value of them.

So I decided these sessions were worth advertising and since 2013 I have at the pleasure of documenting, and getting to know, so many wonderful people as they trust me to tell their story through my photos.

These days there is so much talk about building your brand, promoting your brand etc , yes there are lots of wonderful personal branding agencies and photographers out there, but I do not advertise as a personal branding photographer because that is not what I am ! To me building a brand is so much more that taking photos and I don’t feel I know enough about building a brand, marketing etc to say that is what I do.

However what I can do, and have been doing since 2013, is Tell Your Story through my photos. I can capture your work space, your work routine, the tools of your trade, up close details that other people don’t see. I will also capture you working, you relaxing during your coffee break and some on location headshots – I do feel your pain at having your photo taken but honestly it is not too bad, the way my sessions run it is all very relaxed and natural.

You can check out what an At Work session involves and what past clients have to say about the experience here.

Now it is even more important to have high quality images to promote your business as social media is such a huge part of any business, perhaps some updated / new photos are just what you business needs, if so contact me for my brochure.




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